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Hello, .and .welcome .to . Foto Maestro Digital Imaging!

We're a friendly and dedicated group of artist-technicians with the skill and experience to masterfully fulfill all your photo restoration, photo retouching, special effects, and other image manipulation needs.
Other great products and services we offer include; top-notch
glamour retouching, a fine selection of quality picture frames and photo albums, and a digital archiving service, to insure the long-life and safety of your valued images. And, for a complete gift package that's certain to please, be sure to see our Gift Ideas ~ Enjoy your visit!

~ J. W. Marinelli & Associates
Retouch, Repair and Colorize ~ Have time and the elements been unkind to your favorite prints and snapshots? We can give them new and everlasting life.

... Retouch, Repair, Colorize

Major Restoration ~ Aside from their sentimental value, your heirloom portraits are an important visual historical record. Don't let your family history fade away!

... Major Restoration

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Subjects & Backgrounds

Recompose Subjects and Backgrounds ~ Add, remove, rearrange - With Foto Maestro, anything is possible! We're only limited by our imaginations.

Special Image Effects

Special Image Effects ~ How about some added charm for your favorite photos? We'll make them especially display worthy. Montages, Vignettes, Panoramas and more.

Draw, Paint & Sketch Digital Art ~ Poster-sized Photo Enlargement ~ Your best photos, or someone you love, can be the subject of a great work of digital wall art!

... Digital Art - Photo Enlargement

Glamour Retouching ~ Let's experiment! How about a digital makeover, or even a virtual facelift? Wedding, modeling, yearbook and prom pictures made perfect!

... Glamour Retouching

Digital Image Archiving

Digital Image Archiving ~ Safeguard your valued digital images from fire, loss and environmental damage, with our excellent scan & store to CD or DVD service.

Frames & Photo Albums

Quality Frames and photo display items ~ Your wonderful renewed pictures deserve to be beautifully displayed. Great prices, and lots of styles to choose from!

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